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Your dog and cat is what he/she eats too

Do you want to feed your dog responsibly? Species-appropriate pet food not only includes a high proportion of meat – the other ingredients are also important and must be right.

With REICO Tiernahrung, we found the ideal dog food for our Cory in 2013maybe that’s the right thing for you too – find out and read on…

Cory im Gebirge mit Gras

What makes a good dog and cat food?

Good quality, and above all healthy, dog and cat food must contain all the nutrients your pet needs for healthy growth and an active life.

The diet must contain an optimal mixture of proteins, natural fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements.

For our pets, just like for humans, a diet that is as natural as possible is one of the most important steps on the way to a long and healthy life full of energy and productivity.


  • Species-appropriate pet food is not just a high proportion of meat
  • The feed must contain an optimal mixture
  • natural nutrition is the basis for a long and healthy life

Invitation to the banquet

Invitation to the banquet (image source:

Invitation to the dinner:

Maybe you are just wondering?

  • What is the right food?
  • Should I feed dry or wet?
  • My dog has allergies.
  • Will he eat it too?
  • How much does that cost me? (Answer in advance: less than you think)

You will get the answers and much more at a non-binding banquet – take about 45 minutes. Your dog or cat will give a neutral judgement.

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