Herbs and care products for horses

Nutrition of horses in nature and today

The wild ancestors of today’s pet horses, horses, ate a wide variety of plants in their respective habitats. These grasses and herbs grew on soil that was neither depleted by intensive agriculture nor damaged by environmental influences.

What is missing from the industrially obtained feed? herbs

If we are striving to feed our pets in a way that is appropriate to their species and therefore healthy, this is not entirely possible if we only administer industrially produced feed raw materials with the addition of some mineral mixtures.

Nothing can replace the many plant-based components of the most diverse herbs that are ingested by a wild herbivore, except for the widest possible range of these same herbs.

What is the REICO vital system for horses?

“We help your horse on the jumps”

Products that supplement REICO have an enormous effect and can have a positive effect on the entire organism.

Exquisite herbal mixtures, carefully processed

The herbal mixtures are made from the best herbs, which are defibred and then microfinely ground – this means that 90% of them can be absorbed.

The granules are manufactured using a new process in which the raw materials are never heated above 36° C, thus ensuring that the active ingredients are preserved. 


  • Wild animals feed on grasses and herbs
  • these are absent from the industrial feed
  • Gently produced herbal granules can compensate for this

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