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Achieve mineral balance with Reico

For a better life – the mineral balance

Your well-being is important to us. That is why REICO has combined the best that nature has to offer in its unique food supplements to bring your body into mineral balance .

In the development of the dietary supplements, the findings from more than 30 years of scientific research on the basics of the natural cycle of minerals and trace elements were used.

The mineral balance – what is it actually?

Mineral balance is a balance between activating and regulating minerals in the body. 

We get minerals from food. Natural enzymes in food ensure that the body breaks down unwanted or excessive substances and can thus create a balance itself.

If the body is in mineral balance, the acids and bases in the body are also in balance.

In this optimal state, the immune system functions perfectly. This is the basis for fitness, well-being and vitality.

How does mineral imbalance arise?

Over-fertilization of soils as a result of industrial production in agriculture can result in a mineral imbalance .

If mainly activating minerals are added, this affects the nutrient content of the later harvest. This can result in an imbalance that can be passed on to humans and animals via nutrition.


What are the consequences of mineral imbalance?

The result: the acid-base balance is out of balance.  If there is too much acid, the body plunders its mineral stores (e.g. bones, skin, hair, teeth and joints). 

It is well known that permanent demineralization can also lead to a weakening of the immune system.

If you try to counteract the demineralization by taking individual minerals, this can also cause an imbalance .

How to prevent mineral imbalance?

The supply of alkaline minerals in a varied and balanced diet or alkaline baths can largely compensate for excess acidity in the body. 

You should make sure that the minerals are of natural origin and can be easily absorbed (absorbed) by the body.  


  • The mineral balance is the balance between activating and regulating minerals in living beings, plants and soil
  • Too high a proportion of activating minerals throws the acid-base balance out of balance
  • Over-acidification can be balanced out by supplying alkaline minerals
  • The mineral balance also plays an important role in pet food, and the algae mixture is used in most Reico dog food

How can you achieve mineral balance?

In today’s fast-paced world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve a balanced acid-base balance – there is no time for a balanced diet and even our food contains more activating than regulating substances due to rapid growth and unripe harvest.

You can support your body, so REICO offers the algae-based food supplements Almin , Cellmin and Mentamin . In addition, baths with Basmin are another alternative.

Almin, Cellmin und Mentamin

The mineral balance with Cellmin, Almin and Mentamin

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