The Reico banquet – if you want the best for your loved one…

  • then take part in our personal banquet with him.
  • Your dog and cat will give their completely neutral verdict.
  • We have the food for your pet produced in Germany according to the latest findings and the best possible production.

Ingredients – 12 points that matter

Below you will find information on the ingredients used  of the Reico dog food : 

  1. Pet food in mineral balance
  2. Without fillers and flavorings 
  3. No chemical dyes, preservatives or additives
  4.  Without added fat
  5. Without animal meal
  6. Without genetically modified raw materials
  7. Without chemical thickeners
  8. Gentle processing through cold filling
  9. The meat used has food quality
  10. Very high meat content
  11. Without lugging, since delivery service directly to your home
  12. Without animal testing

Here Reico dog food test – arrange a feast:

Reico dog food test

Get the free one  feast at your home

Experiences of our customers:

Here we have put together the experiences of some of my customers with Reico dog food. Our customers especially appreciate:

  • that the focus is on advice
  • the dog appears more agile due to the nutritional recommendations
  • the coat and skin feel better after a short time
  • and many others – why not make up your own mind and arrange a test as a feast?

Others also asked:

Where can I order the pet food? Is there a store?

The Reico dog food is ordered after a one-time registration and activation by a consultant either personally by telephone, Internet or your consultant.

How do I find a suitable Reico consultant?

You may have already found it, I have been advising dogs and cat owners for Reico dog food since 2013. If we get stuck on a topic, I have a big one  Network of veterinarians, alternative animal practitioners, dog hairdressers and dog trainers. If you would like a Reico consultant on site, I would of course be happy to put you in touch with a regional contact person.

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Ihre Bestellung für Reico 

Wenn Sie das erstmals im Reico Shop bestellen, benötigen Sie ein Kundenkonto, dass wir Ihnen schnell anlegen. Sie erhalten umgehend eine E-Mail mit den Zugangsdaten und einen Warenkorb.